High-Performance Thermoplastic Films (like Teflon™ Film)

We are experts in converting ultra thin (typical starting gauge range .003” – .060”), flat, high-performance thermoplastic films (like Teflon™ Film) into intricate custom three-dimensional shapes by utilizing the manufacturing process of thermoforming.

Below is a partial list high-performance materials (thin films) that we are experts in Thermoforming:

  • Teflon™ FEP Film
  • Teflon™ PFA Film
  • Tefzel™ ETFE Film
  • Vestakeep® PEEK Film
  • Ultem® PEI Film
  • Aclar® PCTFE Film
  • Halar® ECTFE Film

Learn more about these and other high-performance materials that Welch Fluorocarbon can Thermoform.

Thermoforming Advantages

Thermoforming has some unique advantages over other methods of processing plastics, such as injection molding:

  • Parts are capable of having ultra thin walls (.001″) that can fit into tight spaces
  • Precision tolerances
    • +/- .002” for Thermoforming
    • +/- .005” for trimming
  • Rapid turn around time for proof of concept prototypes
  • Optimal process for testing multiple materials during the prototype stage
  • Low cost for prototype, pre-production and production tooling
  • No weld lines
  • Less susceptible to pinholes

Examples of End Use Applications

  • Dielectric Properties / Insulation
    Implantable medical device components for battery and capacitor insulation and chemical resistance.
    An excellent alternative to Parylene Coatings.
  • Temperature Resistance
    Perfect for applications that require high maximum use temperatures.
    An excellent alternative or replacement for polyimide tapes, which are labor intensive.
  • Chemical Resistance
    For applications that require a material that can stand up to the harshest environments.
  • Inertness
    For applications that require a non-contamination / non-reactive material.
  • Releasability
    For applications that require a non-stick or non-wettable material

Processes and Value Added Manufacturing

Our thermoforming manufacturing processes are extremely flexible and allow for a variety of application sizes including prototypes, pre-production, small production and large production annual blanket orders. All thermoforming processes are highly traceable, and Certificates of Compliance are available upon request.

Using a variety of innovative technologies, we are able to use precise manufacturing techniques to produce extremely complex custom components. Unique features that can be added to parts include:

  • Notches
  • Holes
  • Slots
  • Slits
  • Multi plane trimming

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