Custom Teflon™ Simulation Chambers

Custom Teflon™ Simulation Chambers

Teflon™ FEP & PFA Chambers

Our custom chambers made with Teflon™ (FEP, PFA) films are ideal for aerosol experiments that require a fully enclosed, transparent, UV-transmissible, inert environment.

Custom Teflon™ Chambers can be designed in a wide array of configurations to suit the needs of any particular experiment:

  • Square, rectangle and other configurations
  • Sizes can range from small bench top style chambers to much larger stand alone laboratory style chambers
  • Teflon™ fittings, ports or Teflon™ coated manifolds used to inject aerosols and gases into the chamber
  • Hanging loops or grommets used to suspend the chamber
  • Mechanically sealable access ports or sleeves slits used to place an object inside the chamber, or to assist in cleaning the chamber.

Welch Fluorocarbon has manufactured Teflon™ Simulation Chambers for prestigious universities and scientific organizations all round the world including:

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Harvard University
  • Columbia University
  • Lund University
  • Fudan University
Teflon™ Simulation Chambers

All of our Teflon® Simulation Chambers are custom built to suit your experiment.

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