Industries Served by Welch Fluorocarbon

Welch Fluorocarbon has proven its expertise in working with high-performance films, such as Teflon® film, in numerous industries. Below is a partial list of industries that have found our expertise valuable.

Medical Devices

Specializing in providing ultra tight tolerance thermoformed components to the medical device industry by utilizing thin high-performance films.


Welch has manufactured very thin plastic battery insulators for many industries, including medical devices and electronics. We hold tolerances of -+.002 and better. All our tooling and equipment is produced with our in-house tool and die shop enabling high quality and fast turnaround.


Using our knowledge of high-performance films has allowed us to offer unique precision heat sealing solutions for flight applications.


Global leader in manufacturing Simulation Chambers (smog chambers) made with Teflon® film, and used for a variety of aerosol experiments.


Serving the Biotechnology community by providing high-performance bags that are inert, chemically resistant, temperature resistant and meet USP Class VI bio-compatibility.

Electrical Components

Converting high-performance films into usable shapes has helped many customers protect and insulate their sensitive electrical components.

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  • Industrial

  • Manufacturing

  • Chemical

  • Aerospace

  • Defense

  • Electronics

  • Cannabis

  • Research & University

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  • 3-D Printing

  • Battery

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