PVF Tedlar® Film

Polyvinyl Fluoride Tedlar® Film

PVF Tedlar® film boasts impressive durability against weathering, exceptional mechanical attributes, and a remarkable resistance to a diverse range of chemicals, solvents, and staining agents. Our PVF Tedlar® film is available in both clear and pigmented variations, and it contains no plasticizers, ensuring its longevity and resilience across a wide temperature spectrum.

This Tedlar® film is designed with treatment on both sides to enhance its adhesive properties, facilitating bonding to various substrates. The treated surfaces exhibit excellent compatibility with a multitude of engineering adhesives, including polyesters, epoxies, urethanes, phenolics, rubbers, and pressure-sensitive mastics.

Over the course of more than 30 years, rigorous outdoor weathering tests have been conducted on Tedlar® pigmented films. The results have consistently demonstrated the film’s outstanding resistance to weathering, its chemical inertness, and its impressive strength, making it an ideal choice as a finishing material for architectural panels. Furthermore, its exceptional hydrolytic stability, high dielectric strength, and dielectric constant make it particularly appealing to the electrical and photovoltaic industries.

Brand Names

  • Tedlar® PVF


  • Low permeability
  • High weatherability
  • Inert

Common Applications

  • Heat sealed bags

Data Sheets

PropertyTest MethodTypical Value
  English unitsSI Units
Available Thickness Range---
Max. Operating Temp.-265ºF130°C
Melt PointASTM D-3418340ºF171°C
Dielectric Strength, 1mil-1280 V/mil-
Dielectric Constant, 1kHz
ASTM D-1507.77.7
Specific GravityASTM D-1505-681.771.77
Tensile Strength, BreakASTM D-88215100 psi104 MPa
Tedlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont.
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