Thermoformed Medical Device Solutions

Thermoformed Medical Devices

Since 1985 Welch Fluorocarbon has specialized in providing thermoformed medical devices by utilizing thin high-performance films.


With medical devices getting smaller and smaller, space inside the devices is becoming tighter and tighter. Welch Fluorocarbon’s custom thermoformed medical device components can deliver extremely thin walls down to approximately 1.0mil (.001”).


  • Insulation
    Implantable medical device components for battery and capacitor insulation. An excellent pinhole-free alternative to Parylene Coatings.
  • Chemical Resistance
    For applications that require a material that can stand up to the harshest environments and battery chemistries.
  • Temperature Resistance
    Perfect for applications that require high maximum use temperatures. An excellent alternative or replacement for polyimide tapes, which are labor intensive.
  • Inertness
    For applications that require a non-reactive material.
  • Releasability
    For applications that need a non-stick material or non-wettable surface.


Thermoformed Medical Device components with ultrathin walls are suited for applications in which real estate is at a premium.

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