Custom Thermoformed & Heat-Sealed Product Manufacturing

Custom Thermoformed & Heat-Sealed Products

Welch Fluorocarbon specializes in manufacturing custom thermoformed and heat-sealed products by utilizing thin high-performance plastic films.

Design & Prototyping

Our Sales and Tech Service teams can help you refine your design, select the right high-performance materials, and configure the tooling necessary to make it a reality—on time and on budget.


Thermoforming thin (.003” – .060”) high-performance flat films (such as Teflon™ film) into intricate three-dimensional shapes. All of our custom high temperature Thermoformers are designed and built in house to ensure maximum control of quality.

Heat Sealing

Heat sealing thin high-performance films into a wide array of lay-flat and three-dimensional configurations. All of our custom high temperature Heat Sealers are designed and built in house to insure maximum control of quality.

Manufacturing Capacity

Decades of experience has given us a diverse manufacturing portfolio ranging from small proof of concept applications to large continuous production applications.


Work with our Team of Experts

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