Welch Fluorocarbon’s Team Concept

There are certain essential tasks that the Company must perform in order to accomplish its mission. To successfully accomplish these tasks the Company has organized itself under the umbrella of a team environment.

Team Environment
The Company, as a whole, is called the Company Team. It is lead by the Company Team Leader, who is appointed by the Company Owner. Inside the Company Team there are four sub-Teams, each of which has Team members, one of which is a Leader that is appointed by the Company Team Leader. All of the tasks essential to accomplishing the Company Mission are distributed throughout the Team environment and are assigned to specific sub-Teams and their Team members.

All Tasks assigned are defined in separate written Mission Statements. Each Mission Statement is a complete and accurate statement of work and is the access point to all other documents within the Company to which they are subordinate. The parent Mission Statement to which all other child Mission Statements are subordinate is the Company Mission Statement. These child Mission Statements are aligned with and are supportive of the Company’s Mission.

Company Team Mission
To provide customers with desirable products and services.

Company Team Leader Mission
To organize the Company Team Membership into an effective, cohesive, operating unit, provide a path for achievement, and to focus the Team Members on achieving the Mission of the Company Team.

Quality Discipline Administrator Mission
To administer the company’s Quality Management System, support the Manufacturing Team and to act the customer and supplier Quality Liaison.

Team Leader Mission
To support the Company and Team Mission.

Team Member
To support the Company and Team Missions by accomplishing the tasks assigned.

Tech Service Team
To maintain and improve the technical health of the company as well as develop new methods and capabilities.

Sales Team
To maintain the relationships with existing Customers as well as discover new opportunities in the Marketplace.

Manufacturing Team
To manufacture quality products on time and in the safest most efficient manner possible.

Logistical Support Team
To support the sub-Teams’ accomplishment of their Mission by providing services,  supplies, raw materials and other resources necessary for their success.

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